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         With the development of computer technology, network technology, mobile phone communication technology and information technology, the application of electronic evidence in daily cases is becoming more and more high, which has become the key evidence in some cases. The judicial cases involving electronic evidence have been numerous, especially in criminal crimes, economic crimes, anti-corruption, anti profane, intellectual property disputes, online gambling, telecommunications. And financial fraud, and with the gradual improvement of China's legislation on electronic evidence, the importance of electronic evidence is increasing. With the development of new technology and wide application of this type of evidence, Beijing Anxin provides a set of perfect construction scheme of electronic evidence laboratory, involving the core issues of electronic evidence case management, evidence solidification, data recovery, password cracking, data analysis, network attack and defense, data storage and data security.

          Beijing Anxin wholeheartedly provides users with "turnkey" projects and perfect solutions for the construction of electronic evidence laboratory, such as: plane layout design, 3D effect display, construction transformation, equipment selection, technical training, after-sales service, CNAs laboratory accreditation consultation, etc.