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Regional Sales Manager
Job description
job content:
It is mainly responsible for the sales of electronic forensics related products in the designated provinces and regions of the company. It requires a certain amount of computer ability and sales experience, which can adapt to short-term business trip.
We love life, we love work, we are free! We provide you with comfortable office environment, flexible office hours and generous treatment (basic salary + bonus + sales commission), and look forward to your joining and development with the company.

Technical support
Job description:
1. Mainly responsible for providing customers with demonstration and training technology of computer forensics software and hardware products;
2. Provide technical support for customers before and after sales
3. Business trip required for work
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, network or other related fields is preferred;
2. Have good expression ability and be able to elaborate the solution accurately;
3. Have good professional ethics and ethics, strong pressure resistance ability, and good sense of teamwork.
4. Be able to adapt to short-term business trip.

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