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Ten years of forensics experience, supporting data extraction and recovery of various brands and models of mobile phones。

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Technical service content:
7 * 24 hours free remote technical consultation, such as telephone, email, network, etc.
Software level data recovery services such as file deletion, damaged file repair, file defragmentation, RAID array reorganization, etc.
Hardware level data recovery services, such as disk firmware failure and flash flash flash repair;
Opening level data recovery service - Beijing Anxin has a 100 level dust-free data recovery environment and a number of professional and technical personnel, which can provide users with hard disk opening data recovery;
Mobile data recovery services - such as deleted phonebook, SMS, call record, picture, video and audio, etc., supporting mobile phones of various brands, models and operating systems;
File password cracking Service - Beijing Anxin has super password cracking computing center, which supports fast cracking of hundreds of encrypted files.
On site case handling support - Beijing Anxin has a number of experienced professional and technical personnel, who can provide on-site case handling support for electronic evidence cases for users;

Professional and technical training:
Computer data recovery training - including software level, hardware level and opening level data recovery training;
Mobile phone forensic training - ufed mobile phone forensic technology certification training;
Judicial analysis software training - encase software certification training;
E-Forensics training - e-Forensics process and operation and use of supporting software and hardware;