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Beijing Anxin: honesty, mutual benefit and common prosperity

Beijing Anxin Rongda Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is committed to providing professional computer forensics technical services and perfect construction and solutions of electronic evidence Laboratory for public security, procuratorate and other relevant government departments, involving electronic evidence case management, evidence solidification, data recovery, password cracking, data analysis, network attack and defense, data storage and data According to security and other core issues. With the rapid development in recent years, Beijing Anxin has established a good customer base and market environment with its internationally leading forensics products and professional forensics technology and services, and has been widely recognized by users. So far, Beijing Anxin has dozens of experienced professional technical and service personnel and passionate sales team, and has set up branches in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Xinjiang, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities across the country, providing users with a perfect after-sales and service system. Beijing Anxin has independently developed and produced a number of professional electronic evidence equipment on the basis of many years of international leading electronic evidence product agents and combined with the needs of Chinese users, and has passed the quality inspection of relevant departments. In 2017, Beijing Anxin began to focus on strengthening the field of enterprise information security. While providing enterprises with all-round network information security, risk control and electronic forensics investigation technology services, it also reached strategic cooperation with many enterprise users. In order to respond to the national Internet + call, Beijing Anxin expands its business scope and enriches its business content, and embark on the construction of the "Internet + information security" dual business platform industrial development pattern. In September 2017, Anxin Internet advertising business department was established. It intends to establish a whole industry chain service system from traffic integration, strategic creativity, content production, media delivery, effect monitoring, social marketing, etc., to provide professional one-stop digital marketing services for advertisers and advertisers in the new economic field. Beijing Anxin: honesty, mutual benefit and common prosperity